Sunday, April 26, 2009


Monday James turned 30! Happy Birthday to my hubbie! He did a surprise for me for my birthday so I had to get him back. Fun was had at the Reel theatre with pizza & scrumptious cake followed by a movie (Monsters vs Aliens). I was so happy it all turned out, the surprise wasn’t spoiled, and all who came had a great time. Thanks friends & family for helping, coming and making it a great evening!

Oh and I was even able to make this cake without James knowing it was for him! I sure know how to tell a great fib! There was even a little mishap with getting the cake to the theatre. My sis-in-law (thanks Jamie) came and picked up the cake and some other stuff to set-up before we arrived. I guess the cake did a little slipping action in the car, but you can't even tell. Nice work! :) I'm also lame and took horrible pictures! No more even worthy to stick on the blog. I'm hoping to view the video of the evening and may post some of it later!

Happy Birthday hun! :)

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