Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday M&M!

 We traveled back from Snowbird on M&M's actual birthday so when we got home we gave her her present. Now remember this was the tortuous drive home where I was deathly sick and could barely move from the seat in the car to the chair in the house. We figured she needed to open something on her birthday so she got the garbage bag wrapping. A new keyboard! She turned 9 years old this day. 

 We had a small get together with some friends to really celebrate her birthday. My favorite reaction was when she opened a card from the Smith's. It played a funny song and all the kids swarmed around her as soon as she opened it. So funny!

9 years old going on 15! She is my sweet girl who is such a big help. She does really well in school, loves the extra challenges, and knows how to still have fun.  She loves to read, play outside with her friends, and her best friend is LittleA. Happy birthday sweet girl! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Snowbird 2011-snow time!

Every year we get to go to Snowbird, Utah and stay for a week at a timeshare usually during Thanksgiving. My kids look forward to it every year. We've been going to Snowbird their whole life, and I've been going almost my whole life. So many memories at this place. We had some friends come and enjoy the snow with us.

Some cute pictures of my nephew (4 months). He's adorable and it was fun to hang out with him for the week. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Snowbird 2011-misc

We had to go to IKEA of course! I will always remember the drive back up the canyon. A car packed with 8 of us, M&M not feeling well, and then M&M losing it as we were halfway up. We were all doomed in that car. Nothing like cleaning up puke and freezing! Aww, the memories

 My Dad only emerged from his room a few times. Being sick we were all trying to stay clear of each other. Luckily he was able to go swimming!

 Thanksgiving dinner was pretty low-key. We had good food, but only some could enjoy. The girls were sick the day before and eating was the last thing they wanted to do. Lucky for some of us we got sick AFTER thanksgiving. :) The drive home back to Boise was miserable. Let's just say a Subway bag is great to have on hand in those circumstances. Thanks for the tip Jme! <3 as="" be="" forever="" his="" known="" nbsp="" p="" pukefest.="" the="" trip="" will="">


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy 65th birthday Grandma!

All of the McMullin crew (well most of us) were able to go over and help celebrate Grandma's 65th birthday. I made the cake, chocolate with raspberry filling. My favorite way to frost a cake too. It was a big cake and took a lot of frosting to frost this way, but it was sure yummy! Happy birthday Grandma!