Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another cake creation

Here's a cake I did for Holly's 30th birthday. Not quite the cake I got for my 30th, but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

Look whose walking!

Our little CJ has decided to keep up with his sisters and start to walk. It’s so cute to see him take some steps. He’s 10 months in this video! The girls both started walking around 1 year. Guess we have an early bird on our hands. His new favorite thing to do, bolt to the kitchen and tear open any cupboard he can. Oh, another favorite...screaming. He's a screaming machine. Anyone who is around us knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Good times!

uh, oh!

Someone knew they were in trouble.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My cuties!

Little A-3years, CJ-10 months, M&M-6 years

Pancake House

Need I say more?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Monday James turned 30! Happy Birthday to my hubbie! He did a surprise for me for my birthday so I had to get him back. Fun was had at the Reel theatre with pizza & scrumptious cake followed by a movie (Monsters vs Aliens). I was so happy it all turned out, the surprise wasn’t spoiled, and all who came had a great time. Thanks friends & family for helping, coming and making it a great evening!

Oh and I was even able to make this cake without James knowing it was for him! I sure know how to tell a great fib! There was even a little mishap with getting the cake to the theatre. My sis-in-law (thanks Jamie) came and picked up the cake and some other stuff to set-up before we arrived. I guess the cake did a little slipping action in the car, but you can't even tell. Nice work! :) I'm also lame and took horrible pictures! No more even worthy to stick on the blog. I'm hoping to view the video of the evening and may post some of it later!

Happy Birthday hun! :)

167 years

I was asked to make a cake for the annual Relief Society birthday night (actually I offered…any excuse to make a cake!). I was really excited to try my hand in making my own fondant. It’s kind of messy, but actually not as hard as I thought. Here’s the finished cake.

Top tier: white cake with strawberry filling

Middle tier: yellow cake with strawberry filling

Bottom tier: chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling

All frosted with vanilla buttercream

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My gift!

So remember this post?? Well I received my little gift and wow, it's awesome! I just had to share. I received a sweet purse with a cute button flower, a shirt she designed and a little game for the kiddos. It's a metal tin that you play tick tack toe on the lid, or race around the cars (with a magnet held on the back side). So cool. Thanks so much Holly!! You've got some serious talent. Right now she is selling some of her art for 50% off in honor of her birthday. Go buy something!

(If any of you know me, know how much I love to have pictures of myself...not! I had to laugh at this one. #1 I don't model. #2 I had the dumbest look on my face. Conclusion...major cropping! :P)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In honor...

of Twilight!

(vanilla with oozing cherry filling & vanilla buttercream)

of Samoa Girl Scout cookies!

(chocolate w/coconut cake and caramel frosting)

First customer

I completed my first cake to a paying customer! I was excited about it and had fun looking around and thinking of what I wanted to do. The cake was for a girl who was having a party with friends one day, and serving cake for family the next. Perfect for a 2 tier stacked cake with cupcakes! I hope you enjoyed it Claire!

Cupcakes: chocolate with chocolate buttercream & fondant flowers
Cake: Vanilla with french vanilla filling & vanilla buttercream & fondant decorations

April fools!

M&M was SO excited for April Fool's day this year. She had something planned and couldn't wait to do it to us. The day finally came and first thing in the morning she ran down with this in her hand.

She asked: "What is this?". James and I were a little confused and said "A bear?"
With a huge grin she shook her head and said, "April fool's, it's a bunny!", while flipping it over.

Now THAT is an april fool's joke! :)