Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Halloween recap

So isn't it fun to read about Halloween when it's almost Christmas?!? We had a fun halloween and did a lot of festivities up until the day. It's great when your kids get older and actually start getting really excited about holidays which makes all the preparations worth it.
First it started out with pumpkin carving with friends. The girls stuck their hands in once to clean out the pumpkin pulp. They sure get grossed out from it.

Next we went to a fun Halloween party. Thanks Megan for inviting us! We were Princess Peach and Mario if you couldn't tell. :)

With all the Halloween festivities, I think the kiddos had to dress up about 4 times. Good times! On Halloween we went over to Eric & Jamie's house for a 3-person birthday party. We celebrated Ammon, Eric, and Nate's birthday all at once. The kids dressed up as Ursula (M&M), Ariel (Little A), and Flounder (CJ). Tick-or-treating was great with the older kids. They ran from house to house. CJ just wanted to eat the candy as soon as it was given to him. I think next year he'll be running!