Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fish hatchery in McCall

 We took a trip up to McCall (minus James) and decided to visit the fish hatchery. I've been going to McCall for so many years and have never gone there. It was a fun little outing and we got there and found out they were about to close. Luckily they were super nice and said we could do some walking around while they were closing down. Little A had the camera controls and she even managed to take a picture of a fish jumping out of the water! The time we were there was just long enough. CJ was starting to get a little bored (you can only look at so many fish in the water) so we grabbed some dinner and took it to the lake to eat. Good times!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome Max!

July 12th we welcomed another nephew. We took a little visit to see Max and the kids had a great time holding him and loving how small he was. Congrats Jamie and Nate!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!!

 Harris and Melinda invited  us downtown with them to swim at a hotel and watch fireworks at the park. The kids had a blast swimming like crazy, eating a picnic in the hotel room, and then walking to Ann Morrison park for the firework show. They were running around, eating goodies, playing frisbee, and doing all sorts of things to pass the time till it got dark. Kristin, Ryan and fam, and Whitney and Wess also joined us down at the park. The fireworks were great! Only drawback was the traffic to get out of downtown. Thinking next year it would be fun to get a hotel room like them to remedy that problem. Thanks for the invite and good memories!!
Silly kids! Love Little A's funny face. Couldn't get a picture with them all smiling together. :)