Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little A funny...

This one is for Papa :) Yesterday I was burping CJ while watching Little A dance/play in front of us. I think CJ was mesmerized by her too. Anyway, all of sudden Little A stopped, walked up to me with wide eyes and said "Gooseball!".
Huh?? She said it again "Gooseball Mom!" pointing to CJ. I looked at him and he had snuck out some major spitup all down his arm, down my pants and a good size pile on the chair. "Don't you mean looseball?" I asked Little A.
"uhhh, yeah!" with a big smile.
Heh, I had to laugh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I know...lame post, but is there ANYONE out there who wants to watch our little Brutus while we leave on vaca? He is a way fun dog, pretty chill (after first meeting you wears out), and house-trained! He also does really well around kids. Any takers? Email or post a comment and I can give you more details. Here's a couple pics if you forgot what he looks like ;)

You can probably tell who loves our little "brutey"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Preschool days!

Can you tell I'm playing catch up? Little A started preschool last week and is loving it. Her favorite part is snack time & circle time. She says all the boys are mean so she doesn't play with them. Sounds just like what M&M used to say. She must be passing on good info to her sister! She picked out her first day outfit too :) Now that the girls are both in school, it seems like all they do is play pretend school. So warning any friends that come over, they have school on the brain! If school is not your thing, come another day :)

A new tip.

I bought a new tip for my cake decorating repertoire and had to put it to good use.

Banana cupcake frosted with chocolate buttercream (had to use up the ripe bananas on my counter!)

Milk chocolate cupcake frosted with vanilla buttercream & fondant flowers (not the best looking flowers, but hey..I'm learning)

Fondant cake

Here's a dabble at my first fondant cake. I think it turned out pretty good. Don't pay attention to the hideous green piping on the sides. The class I did this at didn't have any real tips, thus the awesome green "squiggly".

Little A looking oh so excited! (Notice the nice battle wound on her face-the swing won)

My next cake challenge...stacking a cake!

8 blissful years!

I'm a little behind. What's new? :) Last month, James and I celebrated el numero ocho! We of course took no pictures, but had to at least document the fun. We ditched the kiddos and headed to the hills. We went mountain biking! Harris, Mel, Clarissa, & Brian sweated with us. We shuttled up to Crestline trailhead, rode it over to upper Hulls, dropped down to the freeway, and hit red cliffs the rest of the way to Camel's Back. I'm guessing 10ish miles. We caught some good air, but no major drops :) We invited a few more to come, but maybe next time. Afterwards we hit the bird for grub. Yum! Happy 8 years hon!


So the girls could probably care less about their hair, but having an OCD Mom about nice hair and clean clothes, they let me have my fix :) I ran across a sweet blog with all kinds of rad hair-do's. Turned out cute. Of course, Little A had hers pulled out by the end of the day, but I enjoyed it while I could.

Have to document CJ's sweet hair too! He's got a little curl in it and it's fun to spike up (what he does have).

Little A took this picture. She's OCD when it comes to the camera. She's got to turn it on and take a picture of everything when the camera comes out. :) Good thing it's digital!

Oh and now Little A's new hair cut. Trying to make it a little easier to do so she doesn't always pull out my masterpieces!

Another pic by Little A!