Tuesday, September 9, 2008

8 blissful years!

I'm a little behind. What's new? :) Last month, James and I celebrated el numero ocho! We of course took no pictures, but had to at least document the fun. We ditched the kiddos and headed to the hills. We went mountain biking! Harris, Mel, Clarissa, & Brian sweated with us. We shuttled up to Crestline trailhead, rode it over to upper Hulls, dropped down to the freeway, and hit red cliffs the rest of the way to Camel's Back. I'm guessing 10ish miles. We caught some good air, but no major drops :) We invited a few more to come, but maybe next time. Afterwards we hit the bird for grub. Yum! Happy 8 years hon!

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D said...

Eights are so lucky. We're going to hit the big 8 in November, and I doubt we'll go off any sweet jumps.
Congrats to you both.