Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coming home!

We came home the next day after Miss L arrived. We got home to a fun surprise! A friend of mine started a new business and surprised me with one of her lawn displays. Put a HUGE smile on my face!! Thanks Aim! My kids especially loved it.

When we took Miss L to the doctor that same week her bili count was way up. The doctor prescribed a bili blanket and bed delivered to our house that same day. Talk about not fun. She hated her mini "tanning bed" but she was a trooper for the amount of time she had to lay in it. Our house was a little drafty at the time (due to the great weather we were having) so we put it in front of the fire place and made her really toasty. Luckily her levels came down quickly so she didn't have to lay in the bed too long.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Please welcome...

Her "official" announcement!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blessing Day!

Miss L was blessed back at the beginning of May. Her Grandma (James' Mom) made this beautiful dress for her. We call it the 80 hour dress! She could have spent even more time on it than that, but that's how long we heard it took her to make it. All of the smocking on the front is hand sewn. M&M thought the dress was big enough to fit her since it was so long. They loved seeing their new baby sister in such a pretty princess dress. The blessing was amazing and we hope she will be our "calm" child from things said in the blessing.