Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Number 4 has arrived!

I am finally emerging and blogging about our newest arrival!! It only took 5 weeks! :) I'm sure you all don't care about the details, but I need to write it for myself so I don't forget! I went into the hospital to get induced on the 21st. When I arrived I was measuring around 3cm. Knowing that I thought it would go quickly and we would have a new babe. Our by noon! Not so much. Things started out pretty slow and I sat at that 3 for a long time. The doctor eventually broke my water at 1pm (which my Mom and James had just barely left to go get some lunch...I thought for sure this baby would slide right on out while they were gone...nope!) Once my water broke things progressed quicker. I found standing and rocking was making things progress so I did a lot of that. At 2pm I was at a 5, 3:30 I was at a 6. 4pm I was at an 8. By this time the contractions were getting pretty strong but I was still able to handle them. I decided not to get an epidural but went for an intrathecal injection. By the time they gave me the shot I was pretty much ready to push this baby out! Oh the instant relief once the shot was administered, right in time to push 3 times and out came our cute baby girl! She was born at 4:46pm. We had some names in mind but ended up choosing something that wasn't even on our list.
The kids were SO excited to meet their new baby sister. Grandma brought them by the hospital that evening and they loved holding her. CJ was the most excited that there wasn't a baby in my tummy anymore so I could carry him! :)

Little A behind the camera and M&M and CJ posing. The most exciting thing to do while Grandma and Grandpa held the baby. :)