Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baby Update...

I was so excited Wednesday night, I was having contractions that were timing 5 minutes apart for almost 1 minute long. I figured this was it! Boy, was I wrong. (heh, no pun intended) We debated on going to the hospital until the contractions got stronger, but after our episode with Little A, we didn't want to chance it. We called mom-in-law who came and stayed with our kids and we went in around midnight. We were back home around 2am :( I was measuring around 3cm and had no change the time I was there and they said come again another day. Disappointing! Thursday the contractions died down and they were back strong that night and Friday. Well today I was getting too anxious, wondering if these contractions are really doing anything, so I went to the hospital this afternoon. No change! So I'm trying to put all this anxiety behind me and just buck up. You just get to this point and want it over (at least I do). So I'm being induced on the 4th, so stay tuned for baby news then!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our tiny dancer...

Last weekend we had the chance to watch M&M perform in her spring recital. She just LOVES getting all dressed up in her dance costume and her favorite part...make-up! She has a great time dancing and has really had a natural talent for it. (Not sure where she got that from since James and I DON'T dance). I never thought I would be a Mom taking her daughter to dance classes and performances, but there's a first for everything. She was even invited by her dance teacher to try-out for the competition dance team. We're still not sure about that since that will be a LOT more dancing and work for Mom :)
Little A has let us know that when she's three she'll be playing soccer and not dancing. We're glad to see that someone wants to continue the family tradition!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bring on the baby…

Well we finally got the baby’s room put together and most of the final touches done. James’ Mom gave us the crib set and it all turned out pretty cute. Can a boy’s room be cute? I’m going to have to pick up some new lingo with a boy around the house. The room is nice and cozy feeling and ready for a baby…so bring him on! We’re counting down. I guess we are still stuck on one thing though…a name. Any suggestions?!?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nesting instinct.

According to parenting weekly:
Around the fifth month of pregnancy, the "nesting" instinct can set in. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world.

Has anyone had this? I sure don’t remember it much from the other 2 pregnancies, but it has hit on full force. I’ve been organizing like crazy and just want to get things clean! I had to get all our baby stuff out of the garage, bottles, etc and noticed that we have a TON of boxes of girl clothes. So of course I had to take on that. I was talking to my sis-n-law and she suggested using nice bins she purchased from Costco. So I had the bright idea of organizing it all so nicely, in clean bins and ready to get at in a moment’s notice without having to dig through a ton of boxes. Well I started bringing in box after box of clothes and unloading the contents. This is just part of what we ended up with.

After getting it all out in our living room I figured there was no way we needed to keep it all. We’re thinking this may be our last baby and why on earth would anybody keep all these clothes! From a ton of boxes I narrowed it down to keeping a few bins! Four HUGE garbage bags went to Other Mothers, One bag to DI, and one to the trash. Success! Now I better start organizing/cleaning the garage since we have an empty shelf.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cinco De Mayo (a week late)

We had a Cinco De Mayo celebration with some friends. We all got together, listened to music, wore sombreros (some of us), and even had a piƱata for the kids! The food was fabulous (yummy chicken burritos) and a sombrero cake to top it off thanks to Christina. (which I managed to not take pictures of). Thanks to Jeremy & Christina for hosting the fun event and making the kids happy with all the candy! Here are some pics of the evening.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ice Cream truck!

Yesterday we were all working real hard around the house (ok, James and I) and we heard the familiar tune. The ice cream truck! Usually we ignore it since we don't want the girls to get too excited every time they here it (it comes around a lot in the summer). Me, having those too often cravings for ice cream since I'm about to pop, thought it was just what we needed. James grabbed the girls and ran down the ice cream truck to get some tasty treats.
M&M ended up with this: Those gum balls are supposed to be tweety birds eyes, but obviously someone messed up there! :)Don't mind that you can practically see down her whole throat!

Little A came home with this:

It's as big as her head!

Actually M&M had the watermelon one and Little A had picked the tweety bird one until they came home and we read those awful words "processed on equipment that also processes nuts" or something similar. So with a sad face M&M offered to trade. Way to be! I was actually surprised, though she still wanted to be able to take licks of Little A's, which was completely fine with me to have two happy kiddos!
I really wanted just a simple fudgecicle of some sort. James came home with a crunch bar and crunch sundae bar. No simple stuff on that truck. The craving was subsided for a couple hours at least :P

Monday, May 5, 2008

Final cake!

I just finished my cake course (4 weeks) and here is the final cake! We learned how to make all those flowers, birds, etc. throughout the first 3 weeks, and then brought a frosted cake to put them all on. We also topped it off with the basket weave around the cake and rope border.
The girls couldn't believe the final outcome and immediately wanted to pick off some flowers and eat it! I couldn't bear to cut into it for a whole day, but we finally gave in. It made me about sick to see the girls eat the flowers and all the butter cream frosting and leave the actual cake. Now that's some straight sugar! I preferred the other way and just ate the cake with a TINY amount of frosting. The cake was delish, chocolate devils food with white chocolate mousse filling. YUM!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Through the trees...BAM BAM BAM

Ahh...nothing like paintballing to make you nervous, sweaty, and tired. We had a total of 6 guys out which usually makes for fast games. I prefer teams of 5-8 so 3v3 is a little small but what can you do. The area we played is perfect in the spring with lots of tall green plants, and leafy bushes to hide around. All in all it was a good day playing.

There I am decked out in all my new B-day stuff. The new goods include:

Vest - Brand from, not sure what.
Stock - (Tacamo adjustable stock)
Barrell (14" J&J ceramic)
Remote aircoil (Tacomo w/ slide check valve)
all purchased from The vest made me a little hot, but I did like having the airtank on the back positioned horizontal instead of vertical. I was hit a couple of times without even feeling it because the vest has some built in foam padding that absorbs a lot of the impact.

I had some kills, got hit a few times and I only ended up with one welt on my arm so I would call the day a success.

Maybe next time Christine, you can borrow my vest :)