Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ice Cream truck!

Yesterday we were all working real hard around the house (ok, James and I) and we heard the familiar tune. The ice cream truck! Usually we ignore it since we don't want the girls to get too excited every time they here it (it comes around a lot in the summer). Me, having those too often cravings for ice cream since I'm about to pop, thought it was just what we needed. James grabbed the girls and ran down the ice cream truck to get some tasty treats.
M&M ended up with this: Those gum balls are supposed to be tweety birds eyes, but obviously someone messed up there! :)Don't mind that you can practically see down her whole throat!

Little A came home with this:

It's as big as her head!

Actually M&M had the watermelon one and Little A had picked the tweety bird one until they came home and we read those awful words "processed on equipment that also processes nuts" or something similar. So with a sad face M&M offered to trade. Way to be! I was actually surprised, though she still wanted to be able to take licks of Little A's, which was completely fine with me to have two happy kiddos!
I really wanted just a simple fudgecicle of some sort. James came home with a crunch bar and crunch sundae bar. No simple stuff on that truck. The craving was subsided for a couple hours at least :P


A-me said...

Awww.. Little A we feel your pain with the "Processed in a plant.. blah blah"... but way to go Big M! What an amazing big sister you are!

How come you and James didn't hold your ice cream by your head with a big smile? I mean c'mon... ;)

Happy Mother's Day! Only a few more weeks and you'll have THREE!

ReeSesPcS said...

Pics of us..who wants to see how big our heads are compared to ice cream?! :)

Three soon! Pretty crazy.

makinzee said...

Glad to see someone gave in to that awful music that is ALWAYS playing!

margo said...

Way to share M&M! Those are quite the ice cream treats...definitely not the kind that were on the ice cream truck when I was a kid!