Saturday, May 3, 2008

Through the trees...BAM BAM BAM

Ahh...nothing like paintballing to make you nervous, sweaty, and tired. We had a total of 6 guys out which usually makes for fast games. I prefer teams of 5-8 so 3v3 is a little small but what can you do. The area we played is perfect in the spring with lots of tall green plants, and leafy bushes to hide around. All in all it was a good day playing.

There I am decked out in all my new B-day stuff. The new goods include:

Vest - Brand from, not sure what.
Stock - (Tacamo adjustable stock)
Barrell (14" J&J ceramic)
Remote aircoil (Tacomo w/ slide check valve)
all purchased from The vest made me a little hot, but I did like having the airtank on the back positioned horizontal instead of vertical. I was hit a couple of times without even feeling it because the vest has some built in foam padding that absorbs a lot of the impact.

I had some kills, got hit a few times and I only ended up with one welt on my arm so I would call the day a success.

Maybe next time Christine, you can borrow my vest :)

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Christine said...

You know it sister!