Saturday, April 4, 2009

April fools!

M&M was SO excited for April Fool's day this year. She had something planned and couldn't wait to do it to us. The day finally came and first thing in the morning she ran down with this in her hand.

She asked: "What is this?". James and I were a little confused and said "A bear?"
With a huge grin she shook her head and said, "April fool's, it's a bunny!", while flipping it over.

Now THAT is an april fool's joke! :)


A-me said...

LOL! that's awesome!! Way to go M&M

Melinda said...

That is funny! Why didn't I think of that prank?

Heidi McMullin said...

haha, got to love the little ones!

Linz said...

That is so freaking adorable!

margo said...

Way to go M&M! she got you there!