Sunday, April 19, 2009

My gift!

So remember this post?? Well I received my little gift and wow, it's awesome! I just had to share. I received a sweet purse with a cute button flower, a shirt she designed and a little game for the kiddos. It's a metal tin that you play tick tack toe on the lid, or race around the cars (with a magnet held on the back side). So cool. Thanks so much Holly!! You've got some serious talent. Right now she is selling some of her art for 50% off in honor of her birthday. Go buy something!

(If any of you know me, know how much I love to have pictures of myself...not! I had to laugh at this one. #1 I don't model. #2 I had the dumbest look on my face. Conclusion...major cropping! :P)


Heidi McMullin said...

haha, nice one charise! And what a cute little gift!

Holly Doodle said... look hot in that shirt! :)
Thanks for the link to my blog, you're too sweet!

margo said...

What fun stuff!! daughter the model..Kage watch out!! ;)