Monday, August 4, 2008


Well you all know I turned the lucky 3...0..(it's lucky, right? Well it's lucky now since I feel OLD and I need to feel something else besides the "O" word!) Anyway, I didn't really post anything on my birthday so I thought I would. My parents were in town the Saturday before my lucky day so we went to lunch with them, my bro's & sis-n-law. We went to the RAM and that place is yummy! I had a strawberry and orange, grilled salmon salad. They also brought out a huge piece of mud pie for me. I think it was bigger than my head! Thanks Mom & Dad for the great meal and the rest of the fam for good company and some awesome gifts!!
So on the big lucky day the girls came and gave me some cards they had made while I was still in bed. They of course were adorable! James had to go to work, so the rest of the day was a pretty normal day. I did play the "it's my birthday" card to the girls so they would listen EXTRA good & make me really happy. I think that worked only once.
James got Applebees to go so I didn't have to cook. Yeah, for that one! Earlier in the week James had told me that some of the fam would be coming over for cake/ice cream that night so I thought that would be fun. M&M slipped up earlier in the day of who was coming so I was getting a little suspicious. I had been feeding CJ after dinner and James was outside with the girls and I heard his parents arrive. I figured I should finish up and head outside and when I did there were a TON of people in the backyard!! James had called/emailed a whole heard of family and friends to come over for cake & ice cream. I was definitely surprised by all who was there. Thanks everyone for coming & celebrating my lucky day with me!! Thanks James for all the work you put into it! One bummer though...we took a lot of pictures and found out later that all of them were corrupt for some reason, except for a handful :( At least I got to eat 4 different kinds of cake!


Kage said...

YOU had a baby? sure are lucky.

Lisa said...

I was just going to make the same old is your baby? You look so good and skinny! (and not at all OLD!)

ReeSesPcS said...

You guys are too kind :)

margo said...

The baby is a few days older than 2 months...and yes she looks great..and not old either!