Monday, August 11, 2008

Family tradition.

Since I was in my teens, my family (OK, my Dad) started the tradition of annual family trips. We've been all over for these trips (Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, Utah, & Canada) These aren't any ol' trips...they are biking trips that range from 400 to 500 miles in a week. I think we all thought my Dad was crazy for the first one we attempted. I don't know exactly how old we were (Ame help me out :P) but we rode our bikes from Salt Lake to Boise. Talk about a sweet ride! (Ok, not so much). We all carried our gear, camped along the way and came back with interesting memories. I pretty much only made it to Snowville (100 miles) and bailed out. Luckily my Mom was smart enough not to come on the ride so she could bail any of us out if we needed.
Well since then the rides have come along way. We eventually dropped carrying all of our gear and moved up to sag-support from a motorhome (driven by my Mom). We did a few rides this way until my Mom decided she wanted to start participating with all of us as well. So then we started paying a company to carry our gear, cook our meals, sag, etc. It's been great and a real bonding thing that our family does. I've looked forward to it every year! Since I got married and started having kids, the rides have been a little more challenging (finding someone to watch the kiddos, being pregnant, or even taking them along), but we have still managed to go...until this year!! M&M starts school on Wednesday (smack dab in the middle of the ride they are doing this year. I also didn't feel I would be prepared enough to go after having CJ 2 months ago.
So while they are pedaling this week, we will be watching my Bro's little man. We've had him since Friday night and he's been pretty good so far. Just wanted to give a little shout out to them from little man. I'm sure this is what you are doing at the moment.

Hi Mommy & Daddy...I've been having so much fun hanging with my cousins Little A & M&M. They play with me and make sure that I don't put any little things into my mouth. I'm not too sure of CJ though. He makes noises, cries and Aunt Charise likes to hold him, when I want to be held :)

On Saturday I went to the grocery store with all of them. I was a trooper too. Sunday was a little more difficult since you know that church just isn't my thing. I let them know what to look forward to when CJ is my age. I took a great nap after church and it was onto their Grandma & Grandpa's house. I ate yummy food, played and was so happy to come home to bed!
Today has been an ok day. I think I woke up a little too early. I've been playing, jumping, crawling/scooting and even got a little scared when the vacuum turned on. I love to watch Brutus run around and try to take his toys away from him. I hope you are having a fun time and I haven't asked once for you! I miss you!
Little man

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A-me said...

Pretty sure we were 14 years old.. just turning 15 the first bike ride and completely nuts!!

Umm... I think I was sporting some WHITE JEAN shorts most of the ride to Snowville.. shows how serious of bikers we were at the time.

Whew, how times have changed!