Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The girls were tagged by their cuz, Izzie.

Age: 5
Favorite activities: play in the whale pool with friends & the sprinkler w/ water guns, play computer, playing with Daddy, & watching episodes on TV
Favorite foods: grapes, apples, banana, pizza, tacos, COOKIES!
Least favorite foods: mushrooms, olives, green & red peppers, & onions.
Favorite Music: I love to see the temple, chopsticks, lullabies, & when you're happy you're helping
Favorite Toy: I like swings & slides, & I like my toy kitchen, & my toy dishes & my toy food
Favorite book: Three little pigs, fairytale books, & Berenstain Bear books
Favorite clothing item: This shirt I'm wearing (pink w/ white polka dots), plaid bermuda shorts, red shirt with my red skirt
What makes you sad: Little A hitting me, you getting mad at me sometimes, Little A pulling my hair

Name: Little A
Age: 3
Favorite activities: play computer, watch episodes on TV, watch church movies, ride my Dora bike
Favorite foods: ice cream, chocolate, chicken nuggets, & green beans
Least favorite foods: yucky green beans, salad, fruit salad & chicken w/ sauce on it.
Favorite Music: Dora had a little lamb, Boom Boom, Sun's Up (from Legally blond soundtrack) Favorite Toy: play dough, M&M's laptop, the ball thingy at my cousin's house
Favorite book: Ten Apples up on Top, I like to go to the zoo, Naughty Little Monkeys
Favorite clothing item: these clothes (points to what she is wearing-lime green skirt, off white shirt w/ sequins around the collar)
What makes you sad: fighting w/ M&M, when she throws a toy at me, when Mom is mad at me & when Daddy gets mad at me.

We TAG: Brayden/Brooklyn, Maddi/Jack, Isaac/Eliza, Addie/Cannon, Cole/Grace, D (Big sis)/O(Lil Sis), Little V, Carson

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