Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny quote

Little A said something funny so I had to document it. We spent some time in McCall in June with my parents & my brother & his little fam. My brother was there himself with his little guy at the beginning of the week(his wife was working) and Little A took note of a lot of things that Uncle E did for his little guy. When we returned home I was setting up the baby monitor in my room so I could listen for CJ to wake up from his nap and it went a little like this:

Little A: "Mom, what is that?"
Me: "A monitor so I can listen for CJ if he cries"
Little A: "Oh, a momitor?"
Me: "No, it's monitor...(input emphasis on "N")
Little A: "Well it's a momitor, just like Uncle E has a daditor in McCall"

Heh, she thought she was pretty clever coming up with that.


Eric said...

I'm calling it a daditor from now on.

margo said...

very cute!

teresa said...

oh! how cute! She is pretty smart to think of that herself!