Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our first grader!

M&M started first grade earlier this month. She LOVES it! Her teacher seems to be really nice and she was excited to have one friend in her class. No bus this year so we either drive, walk, run, or bike to & from school. One thing she was so looking forward to was eating lunch at school. I made her take a lunch the first day and she came home that day and asked "Mom, can I PLEASE have school lunch tomorrow". We have compromised and do part hot lunch and part cold lunch. She picks the days to have hot lunch so it works out great. She was also stoked about having 4 recesses during the day. "Mom, that's 4 recesses!" It's fun having her so excited about learning at school and being so willing to come home and do her homework. I hope her love for homework stays around. :)
Now Little A on the other-hand isn't fond of having M&M at school now. She keeps asking when does she start school and is already talking about her first day of Kindergarten (that's in a whole year!) She asks me at least 15 times a day if she can go to someone's house or if so & so can come over. She just misses playing with her best friend now.


Lisa said...

She is so cute! I'm glad she loves school.

margo said...

Oh my my! She looks so grown up. What an exciting great time in her life. Glad she loves it so much. :)

Christina and Jeremy said...

Please send her over here! Kaitlynn loves having friends over. I wish we were just a little closer so it would be easier to just send her over. I love MaKenna's school clothes. She reminds me of myself on my first day of school. I was so excited and was up at 5AM dying to go.