Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy birthday to me & my sis!

So it's been a few weeks since my birthday but I have to go back and actually post about it. All in all it was a chill day. The kids were EXTRA good since it was my special day so that made for a great day! We went to On the Border that just opened close by with James' parents for dinner, then headed to a park with friends to have cake & ice cream. James had pre-arranged with Holly (my cake decorating partner) to make a fabulous cake for the special day. Fabulous it was! I was surprised with this sweet cake & cupcakes!

Since starting the frosted cherry, I've been spending a lot of time in my kitchen. I mentioned it to James that it would nice to have a little TV in there to have something to watch while I bake. Well he tucked that idea away and totally surprised me with a nice TV! He even wired it so I could watch our recorded shows from the TV in our room. Pretty sneaky! Thanks to all who helped out with it..I love it!!I don't have a picture of it, but this was me opening the card for it. The TV is now hanging right where that picture is in the background (above our phone). I really dislike pictures of myself but figured I better document what a 31 year old looks like :) Thanks to all my friends and family who made it a special day!

The cake aftermath!

Happy birthday to my sis too!
Ame came to town the weekend after our birthday so we celebrated again with her! She made me some awesome cake pops, that were amazing, and of course she got a strawberry pie. That girl is not a fan of cake (what she related to me?) so pie it was!


A-me said...

w00t!!! :)

Correct not a big fan of cake... but I like your cake.. it's nummy


(can someone pass me a napkin to rub this brown off my nose?)

makinzee said...

Happy 31! Love the chef cake!

Sally said...

Happy Belated B-Day! That is a AWESOME chef cake. How perfect for you! The cupcakes all look divine. It must be so fun to celebrate it TWICE every year!

margo said...

It was really fun to celebrate w/ both girls this year. I love you both!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday! You are so talented! By the way, I just made my blog private, email me with your email adress so that I can send you an invite to view it. Thanks, Emma

Christina and Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! I love the cakes and what fun family time. Nice work on the gift, too James.