Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family trip-part 4

Thursday was another lazy day. Little A was actually not feeling the greatest when we got back Wednesday night and ended up having a fever all day Thursday. We layed around and watched cartoons so she could feel a little better. After awhile we were a little stir crazy and decided to head out. I had found where we could go to a place called "The Chocolate Factory" and watch them make chocolates and buy some too. Well we went there and it was closed! Who is closed at 2:30 during the day? :) So no chocolate for us! We then went down into Monterey and walked around the Fisherman's Wharf and other areas of Monterey. Luckily we could carry CJ in our hiker pack while we pushed around Little A in the stroller. She was a trooper since she still wasn't feeling good.

We came across a place where you could purchase fresh fish/prawns/crabs, etc. M&M looked like she was going to hurl when we walked in due to the smell. I got a laugh from it! She immediately wanted to leave. Both the girls haven't quite got used to the different smells there are around the ocean :)

We headed back to make some dinner, and attempted to watch the sunset again. This time on the beach. Brrr, it was windy and cold so M&M didn't want to stay long. We took a few pics and went back to the room to watch a movie & head to bed!

Friday, we started our journey back. We took our time to pack up and headed out after lunch. (we ate all the leftovers for the week first!). We made a stop in Sacramento to eat dinner with one of James' missionary friends. Chevy's, yummy place! Thanks guys for joining us for dinner. We had fun catching up. We drove to Sparks, NV and stayed at a hotel to break up the drive. Here's a sweet picture of CJ displaying his hanging skillz. He held on for a good 15 seconds..tough guy!

It's great to have such a nice trip with the fam! More enjoyable than I thought it was going to be and I'm already thinking about our next one. Until then!


A-me said...

Love the pictures on the beach! Maybe you can photoshop Little A in :)

That pic of CJ is hilarious!! I can't believe he hung on so long his hands can barely cover half the width of the bar! Now that's impressive!

Heidi McMullin said...

I miss Cali. SO BAD! By the way, Cam- that was skill! Monkey Boy.

Linz said...

I seriously can't believe his hanging abilities!