Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family trip-part 1

We're off! Our first official family trip with just the five of us. We drove first to Winnemucca, NV and stayed the night, and then drove most of the next day to Marina, California (which is by Seaside, Monterey, etc). It's beautiful here! The weather could be a little warmer, but it's sunny and really nice so we couldn't ask for better weather. The whole way down the girls were SO excited to get to California. Little A would constantly ask, "Are we in China yet?" We would correct her everytime, and 10 minutes later she would ask it again! She couldn't get it that we were going to CALIFORNIA. One time she said:

LittleA: Are we in China yet?
James: China?
LittleA: Oh, I mean Mexico.
James: Mexico? We are going to California.
LittleA: Oh yeah! California! Are we in CALIFORNIA yet?

She was pretty funny about that. On the way we stopped at a couple parks. Here we stopped in Sparks, Neveda. Close to Reno. It was a really nice park next to a little pond/lake. It was CJ's first time playing with bark/dirt. Add that to the "in the mouth" checklist!

We finally arrived to our destination and are so happy with the accommodations. A cute little place with a full kitchen, living room, 2 rooms & even a washer/dryer! It's fun to have a place like this to ourselves. Since M&M watched movies the whole drive down she asked:
Do people really live in California or just people in hotels?
Umm, I think she managed to miss all the houses we passed while driving :)

The first day was pretty chill. We found a ward to go to (which half of it was in spanish-translated) and also relaxed by walking around where we are staying. The beach access is really close and the girls love it! It's fun to see their reactions about the ocean & the beach. It's a first for both. M&M loves going down to the water and running for cover when the waves come. Little A did it at first until she did a face plant in the sand and the water drenched her in her jeans. She steered clear of all waves & water today.

This post is getting lengthy, so stay tuned for more!


Mel said...

How fun to be at the beach! Looks very pretty there.

Heidi McMullin said...

I miss the beach SO bad..You guys are really lucky!

Lisa said...

How fun! How long are you staying? Have a fabulous time!

ReeSesPcS said...

It is pretty here..love it!

Lisa, we are here until Saturday where we'll make the 12-13 hr drive back home :(