Thursday, March 12, 2009

family trip-part 3

Tuesday we had a relaxing day. We headed to the beach mid-morning and played in the sand. It was CJ's first time actually crawling around on the beach and he loved it! Sand, seawead, sticks & even a bird feather all went (or really close) in the mouth. When he crawled around he would flip up sand into his face, which he didn't seem to mind. He cruised a bit while flipping it all over. It was funny. Little A stayed FAR away from the waves, while M&M and James played the "run away from the waves" game. I got in on the action as well. We took the video camera with us so no pics. :) After the beach we came back, had some lunch and hit the pool! Wow, it was a bit chilly. We spent the majority of the time in the hot tub (which is huge and felt like a pool) and eventually ventured into the pool. I just realized today that we took no pictures of us at the pool any of the times we went! So I had to document that we really did go swimming. We went again today and the pool was warmer so we played a lot more in it.

Wednesday, after some exercise (heh, we had to do it at least once during the week) we went down to Carmel. We drove "17-mile drive" and saw some very pretty scenery and awesome views. It's so beautiful around here! There are also some really nice houses down in this area.

(A couple sea lions playing along the beach)

CJ was sleeping in the car during this pic :)

After the drive it was time to hit Dennis the Menace Park. This was by far the coolest park and we could have spent hours here. We took a picnic for lunch and then tackled the park. The kids loved it.

When I was younger we went to Carmel beach and I remember getting there right when the sun had set and it was dark. I remember how pretty the beach was (white sand) but I couldn't see much else. So we went to check it out after the park. It's such a pretty beach with all the white, soft sand! The girls had fun building a river, a lake, & cinnamon rolls in the sand. I had reapplied sun-screen on CJ so he didn't have as much fun. He kept flipping sand by crawling and all the sand would stick to his face. He had sand everywhere.

To top the evening we hit a great place to eat. We made it there during their "island" hour and our meal was 50% off! Score! CJ had a taste of his first lemon too.

We made it back to our room to see the sunset. We stopped at Walmart and grabbed some ice cream and waffle bowls & ate it while watching the sun set. We didn't stay outside too long because it was getting breezy and cold.
The view from our back porch of our room.
We couldn't have asked for a better day!


Linz said...

Looks like a really amazing trip. So glad you guys could do this! Love the lemon picture.

margo said...

What a great day. I love Carmel and the 17 mile drive. That's where we went on our honeymoon eons ago. That lemon pic of CJ looks like what he'll look like when he's 80. :)

Sally said...

What a FUN trip! You guys are a picture perfect family and that lemon face of Cameron's is seriously one of the best action shots I have ever seen. That's one for the wedding video :). Your girls looked like they had a blast - what a fun way to spend track break!