Friday, August 23, 2013

He's alive!

I actually got to spend an evening out with the hubs! No studying for him. A great friend watched all kiddos for us and we went for an evening jaunt. An exciting way to end a long week. I think I chanted "I love my kids...I love my kids" at least 50 times today. :)

We rode along a path by the Yakima river and up into some hills with orchards. So pretty to see all different kinds of fruit growing around us. My back tire finally bit the dust (I've been babysitting a very slow leak for months) so we had to deal with a flat. No biggie.  Surprised it lasted this long. Until our next date night...!

1 comment:

margo said...

SO SO glad you guys got to get out on the bikes! Still lookin like newlyweds! :)