Friday, August 16, 2013


Moving to a new town is always fun in regards to learning where things are. I liked my little life before. I knew where just about everything was! I'm having to learn where the best place to grocery shop, safest parks, and where to go for rides and a run. I haven't ventured into riding much yet due to not knowing where to even go and having to arrange a place for my kids. I have nightmares where all the stars align, I'm able to head out and then I venture into ghetto territory get a flat, accompanied by being mugged and then stuck. Hah, I know a little extreme, but I'll eventually get out. Any cyclists out there in yakima?!? 
For now I'm running the hills around our house (those are gonna kill me) and sticking to burpees. If you don't know what that is, look it up and do 100 in 10 minutes. You'll thank me. :) 
Anyway, to let you all know we made it to Costco. Yeah for having a Costco! Oh, and Target. I will survive this town. We found a cool park too. 


D said...

Looks like you have everything you need.

margo said...

Like D said...Costco..what more could you need!

as for biking: Mount Adams Cycling Club - Yakima, Washington‎
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Chinook Cycling Club Yakima, WA‎
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Yakima Bike Trails - Maps of Bike Routes in Yakima, WA - MapMyRide‎
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you're welcome :)

Teresa Floto said...

That looks like a very cool bridge and park.