Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Teton Relay

Back in August I had the chance to run in a relay race. This isn't your ordinary relay race but a 12-person, run all night kind of race. Sound fun? I was way nervous to do it since I hadn't been running much at all since having  Miss L, 5 months earlier. They needed people on the team so I joined the craziness. We had awesome runners on our team and we ended up taking 1st place overall. Guarantee I did not contribute to that much at all. Here is a brief description of the race:
The Grand Teton Relay is a 12 person running relay covering 169 miles of beautiful, challenging and varied terrain. Running in the shadows of the Tetons with your best friends is the ultimate road trip! Your team will run from Ashton ID, to Island Park, up Grand Targhee and into Jackson Hole. Imagine the moon shining over the peak of the Grand Tetons, lighting your way through the rugged mountain country. It might make you cry (If you are into that sort of thing).

The race finished in Jackson so we were able to crash at my Uncle's place for the night. All in all a great trip besides the  kidney stone hiccup we encountered. No fun in that! Thanks Ryan, Eric, Troy, Codi, & Shawna for the good times in our rig. Until next time! :)


D said...

This almost made me cry.
-- I am into that sort of thing.

Billy and Megan said...

Awesome! Fun to see pictures of it!