Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy birthday James!

In April we celebrated James' birthday. We kept it low-key and had sweet pork salads, red punch (courtesy of the girls), and molten lava cake. I think I'm liking simple cakes. Hah! :) Happy birthday to the best Dad and hubbie ever! The kids had to make it special by making their own decorations and of course crowning him with a birthday crown. He's so nice to wear it for them. <3

James came home to this on the driveway. He thought it was worth saving. Our M&M is quite the poem writer.
Some kids are black

Some kids are white. We should

be friends not tease or fight.

We should include them, be happy

and nice. Play games with jokes and cards

and dice. We shouldn't tease people who

wear glasses with lens. Some just someday

we all could be friends.


margo said...

What a wonderful poem M&M!! I love your heart.

D said...

James, I don't have any poems for you, but I would also like to say Happy Birthday (late).

A-me said...

well done M&M! Love it!

Mel said...

That is a seriously awesome poem! Haha!