Saturday, January 1, 2011


The happiest place on earth! The day we went it was POURING rain. We were soaked the second we got out of the car. Luckily our kids were troopers and we took the time to grab some cheap ponchos. The rain actually let up around lunch and the kids had an even better time. Besides being cold from wet shoes, socks, and pants we stayed the full day and left the park around 10pm. It definitely wore the kids out but they loved it and still talk about it.

I wish we took more pictures, but we got some video and us being saoked kind of hindered the picture taking. The girls didn't venture on any of the real big rides, but had a great time on what they did go on. CJ was a little nervous for some so he and I did some things together including seeing Mickey Mouse. He thought that was pretty cool and gave him a big hug when he saw him.

I loved going during Christmas break. They have everything decked out in Christmas decorations and the lights were awesome on the castle. Thanks to my parents for giving us the opportunity to go. It made some great memories for the kids and we can't wait to go back!!


margo said...

That was an awesome day!! Loved it.

~Mrs. Floto~ said...

That castle looks amazing!!! Love it!! Glad you had fun!!