Monday, January 17, 2011

M&M's birthday party!

Wow, I've been a little MIA lately! Let's just say being sick is the pits and being on the computer is the last thing I've wanted to do. I am going to play a little catch-up with the main things that have gone on since Halloween for posterity. :)M&M had a big birthday and turned 8 back in November. Her birthday is the week of Thanksgiving so we opted to have a fun birthday party with friends a couple weeks before so everyone was sure to come. She came up with most of the idea for her birthday so we went with it.

I enlisted my Mom to help me out (thanks Mom!) and we were set. I made M&M monkey bread (for her "cake") which made my life SO much easier. We also served donuts, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit & milk. Once everyone arrived we ate the yummy breakfast, then laid out pillow cases for all the kids to decorate using sharpie markers. They had a great time figuring what to put on their pillow case. It was funny because M&M invited 2 boys and the rest were girls. While decorating the boys sure didn't want to spend as much time on their pillow case as the rest of the girls. The girls were so nice and neat and the boys played destructo on their pillow cases. Funny! We opened gifts and then headed into the theatre to watch the movie.

Of course the kids had to have popcorn so we loaded them up with more junk! Popcorn and juice for all! The kids had a great time and the movie Despicable Me is really cute. It made it funner to watch it in 3D. During the beginning of the movie I folded up their pillowcases and tied them with a balloon and a movie pass for all the kids to take home. Such a fun party and made for easier planning on my part. Happy birthday M&M!


margo said...

Very fun party! great ideas!!

Linz said...

That's like a dream come true party! How fun for birthday girl and guests!