Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea party!

What a better time to have a tea party then in December?!? My sis-in-law's sister was getting married so we threw her a smashing tea bridal shower. It was such a fun idea! We served curry chicken tea sandwiches, lemon cookies, almond cookies, baklava, mini quiches, mini cupcakes, petit fours, fresh fruit & dip, cranberry hot tea, & 2 different herbal teas. Of course I was put in charge of making the petiti fours (PF's for short...inside joke) & mini cupcakes. It was a fun to be a little girly and just drink something from a tea cup! As a thank you for throwing the shower, Libby gave us each our own tea cup and saucer. Thanks Libby!


Lisa said...

You all are so dang cute!

margo said...

It was SO fun!