Wednesday, February 3, 2010

M&M's birthday celebration!

So back in November (yes, I know it's February!) we were down at Snowbird, UT for the week of Thanksgiving. Lucky for M&M, her birthday falls within that week almost every year and this year it was on Thanksgiving day. So she got to celebrate with a bunch of family. Her cousin E-man also celebrated with her (he was turning 3) so we had a festive day. Since we normally have a birthday meal M&M can pick out,? we decided to make it breakfast since the thanksgiving meal was later in the day. We had crepes filled with fruit & whip cream, broccoli/cheese/sausage muffins, and orange juice. Yum!!
Before her birthday we asked her what she wanted to do on her special day. She wrote out a list.
Great list if you ask me :)
Happy birthday to me sweet 7 year old!
Your loves:
~playing with your Dad
~having friends over
~Riding your bike or scooter
~Being the BIG sister
~Helping your sister to read and reading to CJ
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margo said...

Very sweet day with a very sweet girl! It was fun to have a birthday breakfast for a change too. We love you M&M!