Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wedding

So back in August (I know, it's October now) my brother was married. The last one of us kids to get hitched! They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the sky box at BSU. It rained all day, moving the ceremony from Katherine Albertson park to the sky box, but it was still a fun evening. I even had the privilege of making their cakes, and with the help of Holly they turned out great! (I could have done without the rain spots that got on the cake) Here are some photos of the event. Thanks to all the friends and family who came and visited!

(Our best family picture of the evening)

The Groom's cake

A toast by Jamie's sister.

I love this pic! (taken by Jessie)


margo said...

These are so fun to see again. You have such a beautiful family. :)

~Mrs. Floto~ said...

That brown cake is amazing!! It is so beautiful! Good job girl!
Great family picture..so cute!

makinzee said...

love that cake! the white dots down the middle are great! and the grooms cake and the wedding colors. Oh wouldn't it be fun to get married again to choose colors adn cakes!

Sally said...

Masterpieces again! I can't believe how many different kinds of cakes you do. The grooms cake had us ROLLING - that is awesome! Your family looks beautiful.