Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We only got out one time this summer to go camping! We need to do it more often because the kids love it. We went to Shafer Butte above Bogus Basin. It was really pretty up there, but the campground spots are VERY close together so you don't feel like you have much privacy. We met up with Harris & Carson and had a great time. There were small walking paths around the campground that the kids ran around and explored on. One last thing..camping with a 1 year old is dirty and you can't ever sit and relax because they want to jump in the fire :)
Gotta love Little A's attire!

Funny thing about this picture. The kids found a tent stake stuck in the ground. They thought it was the coolest thing and worked on trying to get it out for a good 20 minutes. Of course they had no idea it was a tent stake or even what a tent stake was.


A-me said...

looks like some serious fun... dirty fun! :)

Christina and Jeremy said...

one year old boys and camping sucks. We sooo know what you are talking about. Cute pics.

margo said...

What fun memories those kids will have...nothin better!

makinzee said...

Looks like a cool place, we are always looking for somewhere to go. Maybe next year, I'll be brave and take 3 kids. Yikes, that's a lot of laundry and packing! BUT I guess worth the memories, right.