Monday, January 26, 2009

"Tea time"

Little A has been pestering bugging me to have a friend over for awhile now, so I finally gave in to her demand request. :) An inversion had hit the town for a good couple weeks, and boy was it gloomy, cold, and not any fun to go outside and play. We picked up Little A and her friend right from preschool to come back and get ready for a "tea" party! In this case, water. They both were so excited to get dressed up in cute princess dresses, while M&M and I got the table & food ready for them. M&M was so motherly, leading them to the table and serving them up some princess food. M&M couldn't serve them long because she had to run and catch her bus (hence, no pics of her).

When they first sat down I heard Little A say "let's pretend this is our princess restaurant!". It was funny to listen to what they talked about and see all that they ate. Man, those girls sure loaded up their plates. I don't think they ate 1/2 of what was on them, but they had fun loading them up. The best thing they ate, turkey pepperoni! Who knew little girls love turkey pepperoni! For dessert, bunny graham crackers with frosting in the middle. I was glad I finally gave in to Little A. For not a lot of work, it meant a lot to her. Thanks Teresa for letting her friend come over!


margo said...

This is so darling! What a great mom you are. I love the little heart shaped sandwiches..and little C just wanting to join the party. So cute.

Mel said...

That is so funny! Man, little girls are so different than little boys.

teresa said...

I am so glad they had fun playing together! They always do though. They look so cute!