Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First the right and then the left.

So my girl is growing up! She has lost not one but her TWO front teeth. The first one happened to be on Christmas day, right during our Christmas morning breakfast. Pleasant :) It was really loose on Christmas Eve and I really tried to coax her to pull it out that night. Wouldn't that be sweet to have the Tooth Fairy and Santa come in one night? Nope, she didn't buy that!
The 2nd one was exactly one month later. She ate some whoppers at church and it somehow dislodged it out of its comfy spot. It was practically hanging there until she finally got the guts to wiggle it out, 2 hours later! I've never heard a kid whine & cry over a little loose tooth. Do all kids do that, or just our little princess? :) In the end she was glad to get it out and now is sporting one toothless grin!


margo said...

Too bad they weren't both out for Christmas..then she could have sang the song "All I want for Christmas.." :) She a princess but she's a cute princess!

A-me said...

awe, cute little princess! :)

Izzard needs no coaching wiggling her teeth out... if there is any sort of wiggle to her teeth she will keep touching it and wiggling it and wiggling it until... "Look mom it just feel out?!" uh huh.. sure... :)

Heidi McMullin said...

Nice!!! I'm w/ your mom, I thought about that song too!