Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend getaway.

Last weekend we were able to get away and stay in Park City! My cousin got married on the 1st so we were able to spend Halloween with a lot of our family. We ate yummy soup, yummy cake (Happy Birthday Nate), and lots of candy! The girls loved dressing up as pirates, but loved trick-or-treating even more. M&M could have gone all night!

On Saturday we went to the SLC for their sealing. It was a beautiful day with a few clouds & 70 degrees! You would have never guessed it was November.

My cousin T & his new wife J. Sorry, this is the best picture we got of you two. Isn't her dress gorgeous!

On Sunday we were able to have dinner with some old friends. My Dad & his best friend growing up are still friends and now his kids & us still keep in touch. They had some awesome "Cafe Rio" burritos for us and some sweet entertainment on Rock Band. That can get addicting :) Little A was on photo duty that night so you can guess the quality of phots we got. Here's one!(Hi J!)

We were able to see my sis too!

CJ's favorite way to sleep!

On Monday we went shopping! Park City outlet mall. I forgot how many cool places there were. So many places and so little time! No pics, but who wants to see pics of us shopping anyway :)

Tuesday, we hit the road back home. James had flown back on Saturday night so I was solo for the drive home. It was quite the experience that I don't wish on anyone else! Taking all kids to the bathroom was the funnest! *input extreme sarcasm* Imagine the 4 of us parading into the gas station bathroom whilst M&M is whining for candy, Little A is asking every "why" question in the book, me trying to carry CJ while scooting (ok pushing)the other two (who are in their own little candy & question world) into the bathroom. When we got in, there wasn't a changing station for CJ so I had to change him on the floor. But I had left the diaper bag in the car ( I just brought in one wipe & a clean diaper) so I had to put paper towels on the floor and change him there...gross! So of course while I'm doing that I'm trying to get M&M to go potty and Little A is dancing around asking all those why questions. Got him changed, now Little A's turn on the potty, M&M washing hands, and me fumbling around trying to help Little A on the tall potty while holding CJ. Little A is done, pass off CJ to M&M (who is hilarious at holding CJ since he's growing bigger these days). I'm going potty (sorry more info than you probably care to know, but Mom's do go potty) while trying to contain Little A from sticking her hand in the small garbage can asking "why do they need 2 garbage cans" (all you ladies know which garbage can I'm talking about) and watching M&M strain to hold CJ and hoping she doesn't drop him. Hurry to wash mine & Little A's hands and get CJ from M&M. Whew! That was just going to the bathroom! So you can see why my journey from Park City to Boise was 9 hours!! The best part was at one point M&M spilled her root beer in the car. I asked her to clean it up (when we stopped) and she just kept YELLING "It wasn't my fault Mom, YOU were the one that made me eat my lunch in the car, so it's your fault!" I didn't even get mad at her, ask her whose fault it was or anything and she's yelling this at me. If you know M&M, you know she is d-r-a-m-a! So to say the least it was a LONG trip! Sorry for all the typing but I have to cherish these memories, right?!?


Mel said...

I love the gas station story! Gas stations are gross enough without having to deal with so much chaos! Sounds like a fun weekend (especially the shopping)!

D said...

Brutal. The two of us found it stressful enough to travel back with one grumpy child. I can't imagine being outnumbered 3:1.

A-me said...

hahah dang, good times... good times!

margo said...

LOL at the bathroom epic! ...I love the A's "why"'s..

Sally said...

oh - you made my day :) We went down to Utah for the same weekend and it was a six hours trip both ways (usually 4.5) because I was solo as well. Before I left, I told Greg "The one thing I hate is trying to do the bathroom with both of them." And I only had TWO! That makes me laugh and realize I'm not alone. I'm glad it was worth the trip and you guys had fun!

Trent-n-Lynne said...

Thanks for the laugh. You have a much better attitude than I've had doing solo trips. I can totally relate!