Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday M&M!!

Today is M&M's special day and we're putting SIX candles on her cake! Lucky her she gets to spend it with family in Utah at Snowbird. She has been excited about this for months! Our original plan was to take her skiing for the first time for her birthday, but the snow isn't cooperating. Not enough snow to ski on the kid's slope. Maybe later this season! So far today she has played Dominos, stacked pyramids (with the dominos), watched a movie, went over to the Cliff lodge and played arcade games at their gameroom, and played unlimited games on Nana's computer (luckily it's only for today). She got to choose what's for dinner. Her pick:

Pork roast (what kid picks pork roast??)
mashed potatoes
mixed veges
orange jello w/ oranges
confetti tinkerbell cake

I hope I always cherish these years I have her at home. I'm happy to be her Mom and hope I can always make her birthday a special day for her! Happy Birthday M&M!!


margo said...

Happy birthday m&m! I'm so proud of the young lady you're becoming. I love you. nana :)

Sally said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MCKENNA! Ethan wishes he was six with you :). That page is adorable, Charise and that cake is AMAZING! I may need to hire you in May.... Have a great time in Utah!

Mel said...

It's so sad how fast they grow! Wish her happy birthday for me!

makinzee said...

Happy 6th. I've never realized how much Mckenna and Abby look alike except in those birthday pictures. You're cakes are always fabulous and how fun skiing--too bad for no snow. We all need to start praying--it's december already!