Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday...pancake day!

Every weekend I make pancakes with my girls. Regular pancakes are starting to get really old so we're changing things up a bit and we'll be trying new and different pancake recipes and blogging about them. This is my contribution to the blog!
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
adjustments: brown sugar for regular sugar, wwf (whole wheat flour) for regular flour.

The Pancake ticker:
James: 2
Charise: 2
M&M: 3
Little A: 4
CJ: 1/1000th (better known as a crumb)

The Verdict:
These pancakes are heavy duty. I usually eat at least 3, but 2 seemed to be enough. Still not sure how Little A downed 4?? Texture: fluffy & spongy
It holds its form well with lots of syrup on it. Will make again!


A-me said...

LL and Izzard do the same thing on the Sunday's she is in Spokompton... I've always been a bit amazed how someone so little can out eat all of us! Sounds like Little A is on the same page as Izzard!

Mel said...

Abby is funny. Those pancakes look pretty heavy duty. They sound good if I was more of a pancake person. I might have to try them for Carson though.

D said...

On my mission we subsituted melted ice cream for milk in our quest to make the best pancakes. It's not exactly health food, but you could add that one to your list.

We also experimented with syrup, making our own with kool-aid instead of maple extract. It seemed pretty good to us then, but missionaries eat strange things.

margo said...

Sounds like a good recipe J....but not sure about the melted ice cream D. :)

makinzee said...

They look delicious. We too are a Saturday pancake day (Mike is the chef) and I want something new. Will you share the recipe? I love wwf! yum and brown sugar even better.

makinzee said...

j/k i see the recipe!! lol

Christina and Jeremy said...

We'll have to try those. Today maybe since we aren't going to church because we are all a little ill... What was the deal the other day with the cupcakes you were deciding on? Were they box mixes or homemade? I want recipes if they were homemade.