Monday, September 5, 2011

McCall with friends!

 Back in September we had a fun get-together with long-time friends from Utah. They should just be called family! Sad that only one in their family couldn't come (missed you Jamie!), but we had a blast with the rest. We hiked, biked, swam, played in the sand, took family pictures, celebrated a birthday, ate a lot of food, played games, and did lots of visiting. So many memories with the Shurtleff crew! I was terrible at taking pictures that weekend and really only have a select few. These are the ones worth posting. This was also the first trip with all the babies together. 4 babies to love on!

Some of these pictures are courtesy of Jessie. She's the gorgeous one blowing out her candles! She did a great job taking our family pictures too (below). Considering we had grumpy kids and mosquitoes! All of us had burp rags hiding to swat them in between shots. They were out to get us. These are some of my favorites from the shoot.
Thanks to all the Shurtleff's for coming and chilling with us. We loved it!! 


Lisa said...

I LOVE these pics!

margo said...

I LOVED that weekend....all my kids (we missed you Aaron) and grandkids and Shurts....what could be better! Loved seeing these pics Reese...nice job!