Monday, February 23, 2009


James and I were able to go on a sweet bike ride on Saturday. We came back and the babysitter shared some awesome quotes by Little A. I wanted to be able to remember them.

Babysitter: "I'm so full my tummy is going to explode!"
Little A (I can't remember who she said, said this): "If your tummy explodes then you'll get to go up to heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus!"

They were in CJ's room and they saw one of those nose plungers that you get boogers out with. Well LittleA preceded to tell the babysitter what it does and then added, boogers taste good. They taste like chicken.

The last thing, Little A asked: "Did you know there is glue in the ocean?"
Babysitter: No, is there?
Little A: "Yeah, I washed my hands the other day and they had glue on them, so now there is glue in the ocean!"


Mel said...

Those are funny. The booger one made me a little nauseous but it's funny what they think in their little heads!

margo said...

How adorable! My sweet Abby. chicken eh? That's great that you're writing these things down. (that's pretty smart about the ocean)