Monday, June 30, 2008

She's three??

We celebrated Little A's birthday the first of June. I can't believe she is three! She is our little mischievous girl who has grown to be a best friend to M&M. It's great how well they play together (not so much, fighting together) and get along. She can be a real sweety when she wants and has the biggest vocabulary of any 2 and now 3 year old. I wish I had some examples at the moment.
Since I was 9 months pregnant I didn't feel the need to do a big party for her. She was happy to celebrate it wherever. We had a fun, family get-together and enjoyed cupcakes and watched her open presents. She had her shy moments since all the attention was on her, but loved every minute of it!


A-me said...

I am reminded of Little A, almost daily!

Some of the faces Eman makes are the exact same Little A would give. They definitely could be brother and sister!

"Whoa, he looks just like Abs" comes out of my mouth often.

Happy Birthday Little A! :)

makinzee said...

Happy 3 Abby! The girls are all going to have so much fun at preschool-Katie Myers will also be in the class, do you remember Jeff & jessica from the ward.